(bnu.edu.pk) MA Art & Design Thesis Show (25-28 Jan, 2016)

The thesis show of MA Art & Design Studies at the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) was held from January 25-28, 2016. The thesis show featured works of nine graduating artists of the MA ADS program including Aleem Dad Khan, Hilal Ahmad Khan (Azha Khan), Javaria Ahmed, Minaa Haroon, Noor Yousof, Pradeep Thalawatta, Sana Durrani, Sundas Matloob Rana and Zil-e-Batool.

Speaking at the occasion the world-famous digital artist and Dean, SVAD, Prof. Rashid Rana said, “Probing the research questions that originated in their art or design studio practice, the students undertook projects that addressed humanistic, semantic, ontological and sociocultural issues. In these imaginative and intellectual quests, they broadened their topics of inquiry, through studio practice, writing and reading.

Commenting on the Thesis Show, Director UMISAA (UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asian Arts) at BNU, Prof. Salima Hashmi concluded, “The deeply felt environmental allegiance of Aleem Dad contrasts with probing of curator-artist relationship by Sundas Matloob. This is not simply a question of pursuing one’s aptitude, be it the pleasure of object making, as in the work of Zil-e-Batool, or about an inquiry into social constraints by Javeria Ahmed, or indeed the courage to delve into one’s inner being, demonstrated by Noor Yousof. All this is about conviction and rigor. Alongside this are the harrowing and unforgiving videos of Hilal Khan. There are instances of ingenuity coupled by analysis and contemplation provided by Pradeep Thalawatta, who assembles materials with dexterity. Sana Durrani has worked through many layers of her preoccupation with particular spaces and like Minaa Haroon, brings her work to stage of resolution.

Through their impressive work, MA ADS graduates have not only made BNU proud but have also raised the bar a bit higher for others. We like to wish them all the best and hope that they will contribute to the progress of Pakistan’s art scene.