(artnowpakistan.com) From here to there

Transition is essential in every artist’s practice, whether it’s a technique, imagery, context or medium of choice. In every creative process, it’s inevitable or else we call it ‘stagnant’. It’s a matter of time and experience which evolves one’s artistic practice. There is an invisible yet foreseeable process work involved in every artist’s journey. There are several ways of producing a series based on similar genre, common imagery and medium. Some artists prefers to stay on their routine whereas other explores with their process on regular basis. Hence artwork differs but remains the same under their signature style as we call it.
With this unique display of work, we have showcased several series at ArtKaam Gallery. Artworks of 33 emerging and talented artists of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Hyderabad is on display.

The participating artists are;
1. Ahmed Hasan
2. Alefiya Zakir
3. Anam Rafiq
4. Aqib Faiz
5. Arsalan Naqvi
6. Asad Gulzar
7. Baakh Pirzada
8. Batool Zehra
9. Bushra Khalid
10. Farhat Kiani
11. Fariha Rashid
12. Farina Najam
13. Fatima Khalid
14. Fatima Naeem
15. Habiba Safder
16. Hina Tabassum
17. Hureen Akram
18. Maha Rehan
19. Manzoor Mangi
20. Mehreen Hashmi
21. Minaa Haroon
22. Nashrah Saleem
23. Rabia Dawood
24. Sabir Ali
25. Samreen Khan
26. Sana Fatima
27. Sana Nezam
28. Sehrish Willayat
29. Shahana Afaq
30. Sulaman Arshad
31. Sumaira Syed
32. Tooba Shaikh
33. Zeenat Rizvi

Mehreen Hashmi