Picture1Minaa Haroon is a contemporary visual artist who executes ideas through paintings, sculptures, installation, mixed Images and digital works. Her work is influenced by the pictorial division of spaces, existing in Mughal miniature paintings. The use of flatness, multiple perspectives, narratives, and juxtaposition of space is based on a hierarchical structure that hides the various metaphors within it. Subsequently, this investigation of space constructs the relationship of personal, social, and historical contexts and its consequences on human perception. The positioning and relationship of one object with another, alters the meaning of the subject that give us limitless meanings. Her observation of looking at unnoticed spaces around her as those spaces are constructing the marks of human beings at different levels. This orientation of objects and spaces investigates personal and social expression of self-organization and self-identity. Profound observation while selecting minute, hidden and objects defines human existence.

Through this her interest in looking at the intersection between everyday life with the use of different processes of transformation of materials and meanings is the essences of her practice. The objects contain acts and actions of time within them and our memories are presented through those objects and the view of the city in which she moves on daily basis becomes her point of departure. Absence in real space refers to the idea of impressions, marks and objects left behind by the human body with such traces of memories through materials and processes to redefine the meaning of objects by transforming them and celebrating them in tangible marks.

Minaa lives and works in Lahore and  most recently she has joined Lahore Arts Council as an Assistant Director- Fine Arts (Government of Punjab) and curating various exhibitions in Alhamra Art Gallery.